Since published in 2012, TS Corpus has been used in academic studies. Below, there is a list of academic studies that TS Corpus contributed, by the corpora or NLP tools the project supplied.

Academic Studies

  • Sezer, Taner, and Türker Sezer. TS Wikipedia LDC2015T15. Web Download. Philadelphia: Linguistic Data Consortium, 2015.
  • Arslan, B., Arslan, E. (2015) Gezi Eevents And Woman Image in New Media From The Perspective of Peace Journalism. Proceedings of International New Media New Approaches Conference. October 26-27, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Faculty of Communication, Çanakkale, Turkey. pp: 58-83

How to Cite TS Corpus

If you use TS Corpus in your studies, please refer to the paper given below and the project website.

  • Sezer, T., Sezer, B. 2013. TS Corpus: Herkes İçin Türkçe Derlem. Proceedings 27th National Linguistics Conference. May, 3-4 Mayıs 2013. Antalya, Kemer: Hacettepe University, English Linguistics Department. pp: 217-225